New games

  • Play game Mafia shooting Mafia shooting
    2014-12-07 14:45
    You have got into a dangerous shooting. Your car has to survive and escape from the shooting.
  • Play game Helicopter on a mission Helicopter on a mission
    2014-12-07 14:42
    You have to destroy the enemy’s base, all its forces and collect the stars.
  • Play game Sky patrol 42 Sky patrol 42
    2014-12-07 14:40
    Destroy as many planes from enemy’s army as you can. There are 18 levels in this game!
  • Play game Bugs shooting Bugs shooting
    2014-12-07 14:38
    Brave fighter went to jungle to perform his task. But a lot of giant bugs are waiting for him.
  • Play game Gun duel Mayhem Gun duel Mayhem
    2014-12-07 14:34
    You have to win the gun duel. There can be either two or four players in this boys game.
  • Play game Archer the castle defender Archer the castle defender
    2014-12-07 14:29
    Archer protects the castle from hordes of enemies. Improve your skills and do not let enemies destroy the castle.




  • Play game Ben 10 - ultimatrix Ben 10 - ultimatrix
    Size 2000 кб
    Ben 10 again fights with evil monsters and other evil creatures. Destroy the enemies and destroy all the monsters!
  • Play game Betrayed soldier Betrayed soldier
    Size 6932 кб
    You are a soldier of an elite unit,who did not get to the helicopter and fallduring the evacuation. Now you need to survive in thesedangerous conditions.
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  • Play game Epic monster war Epic monster war
    Size 3529 кб
    Civilians were attacked by monsters. They build their houses and disturb residents of the city. Get rid of them!
  • Play game Magicians vs Knights Magicians vs Knights
    Size 9515 кб
    Interesting game about the battle of magicians, which are defending from the knightsand monsters.
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  • Play game Ninja Girl Ninja Girl
    Size 11381 кб
    Destroy the girl’s enemies and collect sushi left after them.
  • Play game Dragon spirits Dragon spirits
    Size 11381 кб
    The neighboring village was attacked by a gang of bad guys. You, as the best kung fu warrior are to help the village to return the order.
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